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ACO KerbDrain in the extreme test during Cyclone Gabrielle

During Cyclone Gabrielle, our ACO KerbDrain installation at Havelock Road in Napier proved to be the most reliable stormwater management system. This demonstration highlights how the system can be implemented in future projects to reduce the risk of flooding, making it a crucial aspect of modern urban planning.

Managing stormwater has become increasingly necessary due to the rapid pace of urbanisation and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. To address these challenges, ACO KerbDrain has been specifically designed with an innovative approach that allows for maximum efficiency and flexibility across a wide range of applications.

Recently, our ACO KerbDrain was installed at the Havelock Road in Napier. After Cyclone Gabrielle Tony Mills, the Principal Transportation Engineer from Napier City Council told us that our system “worked perfectly” and that “the locals are very happy”.

Our product is a combination of a kerb and a drainage channel which allows the product to be installed at the edge of a road, where it can effectively collect horizontal runoff from the street. The system’s drainage channel has the ability to connect to a network of pipes and drains. This is particularly important in areas that are prone to flooding or heavy rainfall, where water needs to be captured and conveyed rapidly to prevent proper environmental damage and personal injury.

At the Havelock Road, ACO KerbDrain QK200B was installed to reliably collect the surface water from the steeply sloped street. The product needed to be able to handle the faster pace of water flow with ease and yet maintain efficient collection. The system's unique design allowed for easy integration with the existing road infrastructure, ensuring minimal traffic disruption during the install. During Cyclone Gabrielle, the system successfully managed the large quantities of stormwater, providing a sense of safety and relief to the local people.

Another important feature of ACO KerbDrain is its robustness and durability. The product is made from high-quality polymer concrete to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions, providing long-term benefits to the community.

ACO KerbDrain is an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionise stormwater management. The installation in Napier has demonstrated its effectiveness in managing significant amounts of runoff. Given the rising occurrence of severe weather events, the use of ACO KerbDrain can be a crucial element in safeguarding the safety and welfare of communities across New Zealand.