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Enhancing Brewing Operations at Pacific Coast Brewery in Mangawhai!

Pacific Coast Beverages in Mangawhai, a rising star in the world of microbreweries, has recently unveiled its production facility on the coast of Mangawhai Harbour. The site features a vineyard, distillery and brewery, which were opened in 2022. A highlight of their establishment is a courtyard bistro that offers scenic views of the vineyards, and it is expected to open in 2023, providing visitors with a unique dining experience.

Project at a glance

Client: Pacific Coast Beverages
Project: Pacific Coast Brewery, Mangawhai
ACO products used:

  • ACO stainless channels with Foul Air Traps
  • KlassikDrain with composite grates
  • KlassikDrain with 5-Star grates

Part of this project was a collaboration with ACO New Zealand, providing comprehensive drainage coverage throughout the brewery, which creates a safe and hygienic environment for personnel and equipment.

In July 2022, ACO KlassikDrain and ACO stainless channels, tailored to suit the specific needs of this craft brewery were installed enhancing safety, hygiene and efficiency at the same time. The installations serve distinct purposes within the facility.

ACO KlassikDrain excels in both the bunding area and external spaces of the brewery. The chosen hard-wearing composite grates ensure durability in traffic areas and provide a safe and reliable surface even for heavy vehicles crossing the channel. The 5-star grates designed for visual areas add a touch of elegance to the brewery’s overall ambience, combining safety and aesthetics.

ACO Stainless Channels take the stage in the sensitive areas of the production facility, where hygiene is a crucial factor. The channels stand out with their Clean-In-Place (CIP) properties, which play a significant role in maintaining sanitary conditions and facilitating efficient cleaning processes. Additionally, the stainless channels are designed to support heavy equipment, allowing for easy traversal or construction on top. In this project, the channels are equipped with foul air traps (FATs) to further contribute to a pristine environment.

The collaboration between Pacific Coast Beverages and ACO New Zealand was marked by a shared commitment to excellence and a desire for a long-term, successful outcome. By understanding the specific needs and challenges of the brewery, ACO worked closely with the asset owner and designers, providing valuable expertise to enable the project to thrive in the long run.

Also, meeting deadlines is vital in any project. ACO New Zealand supplied all the required materials within the specified time frame. The ACO team even went the extra mile, airfreighting the stainless channels at their cost to ensure a seamless installation process.

With the brewery opening its doors to visitors, beer enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate an unparalleled brewing experience, supported by ACO’s smart drainage solutions which contribute to a safe and hygienic brewing process.