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Leadership Evolution and Office Relocation

ACO New Zealand's Leadership Evolution and Office Relocation

Exciting times are indeed upon ACO New Zealand as the company ushers in a period of dynamic change and growth. The organisation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Alan Beer as the new Managing Director of ACO Limited. With an impressive tenure of six years at ACO New Zealand, Alan, the former National Sales Manager, is renowned for his profound dedication to the team and an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer service across the nation.

In parallel with this significant leadership transformation, ACO New Zealand is also navigating a pivotal transition in its physical presence. The company is preparing to relocate its office and warehouse in the week of the 5th February, a move symbolising a leap towards enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The new premises are located at 35 Te Tiki Road, Mangere, Auckland 2022.

This move is orchestrated with meticulous planning to ensure contact availability and minimal disruption. It reflects ACO's forward-thinking approach and its resolve to cultivate an improved workplace environment that resonates with its core values and operational goals.

For more info about the office relocation, please click the below button to visit our Moving page.

ACO Moving

While embracing these changes, ACO New Zealand also extends heartfelt gratitude to Paul Casey for his invaluable leadership and contributions over the past 11 years. As Paul transitions to his new role as the Managing Director of ACO Australia, the company looks back with appreciation and forward with enthusiasm.

As ACO New Zealand embarks on this exciting new chapter, it's clear that the focus remains steadfast on nurturing customer relationships and pioneering innovative solutions.

For any inquiries or further information regarding these changes, ACO New Zealand encourages open communication and is committed to addressing any questions or concerns.

To get in touch, please visit our contact page. Also, you can download the letter with the official announcement on this page.