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Hygiene & Efficiency for Foodstuff's New World Ravenswood!

Foodstuffs’ newly built “New World Ravenswood” showcases how you can create safe and hygienic environments for your clients and their customers by using ACO products across commercial and industrial buildings.

At a glance
Client: Foodstuffs South Island
Project: New World Ravenswood
ACO products used:
• Hygienic 316 stainless steel box channel
• Hygienic floor waste gullies 218 & 157
• T66 Polymer Concrete Cable Pits
• Rhinocast® Access Cover with stainless steel decorative edge
• KlassikDrain KS100 with stainless longitudinal grates
• PowerDrain S100K with ductile iron grates

New World Ravenswood, part of the proudly New Zealand owned company Foodstuffs South Island, was built in 2021 for an expanding residential area in the North Canterbury region.

Hygiene is of utmost importance for a supermarket, as large quantities of food are processed every day. In the adjacent outdoor areas insufficient drainage leading to slipping hazards and other accidents is a risk factor for the safety of customers, staff, visitors and their vehicles.

They chose ACO due to our wide and high quality product range and suitable pricing to tackle these two areas of concern: Hygiene & Surface Water Management. Also, working with one company for multiple solutions accelerates efficiencies in supply-chain and creates a continuity of risk mitigation across the whole project.

Starting at the car park entrance and the loading dock area, you will spot our ACO PowerDrain S100K enduring cars and heavy trucks passing over it. The ductile iron, fully boltless locking grates are equipped with Anti-Shunt lugs that prevent longitudinal displacement. Certified up to Load Class G, this system is ideal for areas that are frequently trafficked and require dynamic loads.

At the public space near the entrance you will find our ACO KlassikDrain KS100 with stainless steel longitudinal grates which are Heelsafe Anti-Slip, wheelchair, walking cane and bicycle safe. Made of stainless steel, the grates give a taste of New World's hygiene standards.

Car park entrance
Public space

Inside the supermarket, in the kitchen, butchery and chiller rooms, hygienic gullies and custom-made, fully sloped, 316 grade stainless steel box channels were installed. In these areas in particular, a hygienic design is essential to minimise the risk of bacterial growth. In addition, the CIP (Clean in Place) properties make the products quick and easy to clean, which is ideal for the fast-paced environment of a Foodstuffs supermarket.

Kitchen, Butchery & chiller rooms

Foodstuffs also required a discreet, yet well-designed access solution for the underground electrical and communication system for inside the building and around the building. Whereas the pits inside the building have custom stainless decorative edges that blend in with the overall stainless design, the pits installed around the building are completed with hard wearing ductile iron edges for high durability.


From a drainage perspective, this leaves a fully equipped new supermarket that does not raise or leave any concerns about hygiene or surface water management. While obtaining a visually attractive design, the solution suits the project requirements and the asset owner’s. This completely unified outcome was due to the amazing support from Foodstuffs, the Specifiers and Contractors in this important South Island project.