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2020 Best Awards: Botany Garden Lane amongst finalists

ACO’s recessed access covers offer the ability to fill the cover with material matching the surrounding pavement, providing discreet access to underground services. As in the case for the Garden Lane project, where ACO’s Urbanfil® Pavermate® Access Covers were installed for that exact purpose. Perfectly tying in with its environment, our Covers are the ideal choice to be integrated in architectural projects where continuity and design plays an important role to achieve an attractive finish.

Botany’s Garden Lane project is amongst the finalists of the Designers Institute’s Best Design Awards 2020 for the Retail Environments / Over 150 square metres category.

The Garden Lane is part of Botany’s Town Centre and was constructed in 2019. The collaborative project transformed the existing outside shopping precinct into an attractive light flooded indoor area, welcoming visitors.

While the roof construction above speaks for itself, ACO contributed to the project, supplying discreet access covers for the underground services at the bottom. Due to the ability to fill the cover with material matching the pavement, meeting the high design standards, ACO’s Pavermate® Access Covers were installed along the new Garden Lane, leaving an aesthetic and complementary finish worthy of the project.

We are happy for every company involved in this project. Congratulations!

For more pictures, visit the Best Awards website here.

credits to: Ignite Architects, Naylor Love Construction Ltd