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ACO KerbDrain project for pedestrian safety at Ayr Street, Auckland NZ

In May 2020 at Ayr Street a new raised table was installed to slow down traffic and provide a safe crossing for pedestrians. ACO has been involved with this AT (Auckland Transport) project from concept; supplying a specific drain to collect the runoff from the raised table to the sides of the street.

Made from durable polymer concrete, ACO’s KerbDrain KDHB200 was installed for its high capacity and hard-wearing characteristics. The lateral inlets of the KerbDrain ensure the channel does not get blocked by debris or foliage. This also simplifies the cleaning process. Using an acceptable angle between the product parts, a curve following the course of the street and footpath was created. Thus leaving an appealing and tidy finish.

Again, a great collaboration between ACO New Zealand and Auckland Transport!