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ACO Qmax - Heavy-duty yet lightweight?

Is that even possible? The answer is yes!
ACO Qmax® is made from recyclable Polyethylene (PE) and therefore lightweight and easy to handle. The system forms an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution. It was developed to satisfy the demand for a versatile, high capacity slot drainage system for a wide range of applications involving small to large catchment areas to any load class.

Perfect for NZ climate
Qmax® consist of channel units made from corrosion resistant durable materials designed to withstand the most challenging environments. This makes them ideal for New Zealand climate and durable in all seasons.
The system maximises the hydraulic capacity available providing effective storage, attenuation, and eliminating carry over in heavy stormwater conditions.

Our Range
Qmax® is part of ACO’s Infrastructure product range and comprises six channel sizes 225, 300 350, 365, 465 and 600 ensuring greater system flexibility for engineers and designers to optimise scheme hydraulics.

We have recently added the Qmax 300 size to the Qmax range for even better specification and suitability to your project requirements. Download the Specification information and Installation drawings below.