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Bosses' Day - Interview with Managing Director Paul Casey

On the occasion of this years Bosses' day, we would like to thank our Managing Director Paul for doing a great job! We had a little interview with him about his work and what he was doing before he became the head of ACO NZ:

How long have you already been managing director at ACO?

It has been 7 years now already.

What did you do before?

In 2009, I started working at ACO Western Australia. At this time, we had the global financial crisis, so it was exciting building something up during that challenging time. I began to work as a Construction Rep and then worked 4 years as a State Sales Manager.

Why did you take the Job in NZ?

During my time at ACO Australia I was offered the position as the first managing director at the newest ACO Company, ACO NZ. That was a unique opportunity I couldn’t resist. So in 2012 I moved to NZ with my family and I am still really happy with my decision.

What do you like about your job?

As a Managing Director I like to see our team functioning and pulling together to achieve a common goal. Besides that, I really like helping people to be able to make their own decisions and to own their own success. Overall I would say it is a very challenging and rewarding job.

What do you do if you are not working?

When I am not working… (Laughs) well besides work, I like spending time with my family and travelling around New Zealand.

Thanks for the interview Paul!



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