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Stormwater Storage Tanks - Step by step to an intelligent & sustainable Surface Water Management

ACO StormBrixx is a multifunctional geocellular stormwater management system for retention, detention & infiltration purposes.
Its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of a SuDS = sustainable urban drainage system, where modern water management is combined with natural resources. The underground system regulates excess surface water, stores it and can release it when needed to recharge groundwater levels, preventing flooding and therefore keeping us & the environment safe.

ACO Stormbrixx: Smart right from the start
The ACO StormBrixx system facilitates every process right from the beginning of its life circle. The stormwater tank is made from a single recyclable polypropylene body with a minimum of machines and waste in production. Whereas the production process leaves flexibility for customized layouts and configurations, the smart design allows the StormBrixx body to be assembled in a variety of ways. Both facts let the ACO StormBrixx system meet the requirements for any kind of commercial and residential construction site, most commonly installed in landscaped areas though.

Easy installation reduces costs & CO2 emissions
Due to the lightweight material, the logistics & handling of the stormwater system are uncomplicated and fast. The stackable design requires less space for storage and less vehicles for transportation, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared with conventional tank manufacturers. On site, less staff with less equipment is required to install ACO’s product in less time, saving enormous costs, thanks to the smart design & patented brick & cross-bonding features, beating traditional stormwater management products across the market. The high void ratio lets the system handle a high capacity of water still remaining lightweight at the same time. Completed with ACO’s Access Units, the system allows for an easy maintenance after the installation.

If you want to reduce costs and save time still having a high efficient, sustainable product, ACO StormBrixx is the right solution. #askACO

Inspired by our colleagues at ACO USA.